Water-side Cottage:

Built during the Blizzard of 1888 as a Hog House this cottage has been restored with all  the original details intact. The House is listed on New York State and Federal Historical Registers.  With the soothing rush and bubbling of cascading waterfalls, within a few feet of the door.

WaterSide Cottage and Carrage House Out Side
Cottage Shown next to Carriage House on left.

WaterSide Cottage Inside Looking North
Waterside Cottage looking North

WaterSide Cottage Inside Looking South

Waterside Cottage Looking South-East

The Cottage includes a gas fireplace and fully insulated walls, floors and ceilings, full bath, shower, queen-size bed, gas fireplace, ceiling fan, AC

1835 Stone Grist Mill

Additional Elements

Grist Mill History

Miller's House

Underground Railroad and History






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